Sunday, August 30, 2020


If you are one of those readers who likes the feel of a book in your hands instead of a small smart phone or a bulky PDF, here is the long-awaited paperback version of 

The Smart Student's Guide to Reading and Writing Philosophy 

Available now for $4.99 + postage

Reviews of a few books in the Smart Student's Guides to Philosophical Classics series:

Understanding Plato: The Socratic Dialogues and the Republic
“I highly recommend this excellent introduction to Plato's dialogues. The writing is crystal clear and accessible, with a rich, analytical treatment of Plato's historical context, issues of concern, dialectic method and complex lines of reasoning.”
Understanding John Locke: Second Treatise of Government
“It's hard to combine scholarship with accessibility, but this little volume does it. It is very scholarly, yet clearly written and eminently accessible to undergraduate students.”
Understanding John Stuart Mill: Utilitarianism and On Liberty
“Houlgate writes clearly and students should be able to follow his explanations and distinctions, though they will need to think… This book, like the others in Houlgate’s Smart Student’s Guide series, will be a good supplemental text for students, and the professor can benefit from it too.”

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